Who decides they want to be a Philosopher? I told my careers officer and was laughed at, still I read ‘The Republic’ and went off to experience this thing called life.

I write with philosophical theories in mind, on the supernatural and metaphysical. Certain historical periods fascinate me and I delve into them to search for the truth and why and how certain events took place.

I like to think I am logical and fair, that I make sense and simplify premises to the basic elements (Occam’s razor). I’m also realistic; Utopia is just that—an ideal, incompatible with human nature, yet we can look to it as a model to guide us.

I travel wherever I feel guided to; I am a nomad and still have a lot of ground to cover. I’m not sure where my Yellow Brick Road is taking me, but it is an exceptional journey so far…I have climbed some mountains and volcanoes, wandered through jungles, weathered some hurricanes and nor’easters, found friends and foe as I brace myself for more.


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